“All authority in heaven and earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations…”

The DNA of every Christian should be to make disciples. Plain and simple. Jesus told us to go make disciples of all the nations, and at Grace Fellowship we strive to do this by meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of the people we work with, both here and around the globe.

Local Projects

We are a church committed to making disciples, both internationally and locally.

We are partnering with several organizations that are making a Kingdom impact here in Palm Beach County and we would love for you to get involved.

International Projects

Where does God want you to go?

God is doing amazing things in every culture, tribe and tongue around the world. It is our goal to come alongside what He is doing and fulfill the command to make disciples of all the nations.  UPCOMING TRIPS:  SE Asia/September 27-October 6, 2018;  Spain/March 7-16, 2019; Colombia/March 9-15, 2019.

One Child

What is One Child and how does it work?

Who we are…
One Child is an outreach ministry of Grace Fellowship of West Palm Beach, Florida. We exist to support needy children all over the world, most of whom have been abandoned by their parents.

Where we are…
Hundreds of children in Haiti, Kenya, Pakistan, and India are supported through the gifts received by One Child.

What you can do…
The best way to get involved with One Child is by committing to give a tax deductible gift to help support a needy child. These funds cover costs for food, clothes, school, and the ability to be raised in a Christian environment.